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The Blessing of Islam

Islam is the greatest favor from Allah the almighty to all human beings, He promised those who adhere to the way of Allah happiness BOTH in the worldly life and in the Hereafter.

Those who do not feel proud of their Muslim Identity certainly have doubt in their hearts and have lack of faith.

It is an extreme honor to belong to this Deen of Islam and to convey the message of Allah to THOSE whom we reach.

For the early Muslims, Islam was their sole goal and great honor. They practiced self-sacrifice and conveyed the sacred message of Islam to all people they reached.

Abdu Allah Ibn Umm Maktoom, the blind companion of the prophet, although he was blind and exempted from Jihad, in the battle of AlQadeseyya, he insisted to participate and he kept the Muslim Flag high through the battle and as a result he died as a martyr.  He was buried where he died.

Gulaibeeb was one of the poorest companions of the prophet. The prophet married him to an honorable woman from Al-Ansar from a righteous family, although he had neither family nor money. In the battle field he died as a martyr, the prophet asked the companions at the end of the battle to look for him and they found him dead beside seven of the enemy whom he killed. Upon that, the prophet said: He is from me and I am from him The prophet rested hiS dead body on his arm until he was buried.

The prophet was proud of Gulaibeeb and rested his dead body on his arm. Although he was poor, he was an honorable Muslim devoted his life for the sake of this religion.

Unfortunately, some Muslims feel ashamed to follow the Sunaa of the prophet, surely this is a great sin and those people have wickedness in their hearts.

Why do Muslims feel ashamed of the Sunna of the prophet which is the way of salvation and happiness in this life and in the Hereafter?

Some Muslims think that the non-Muslims are superior and better guided than Muslims as they have some advanced technology which the Muslim world currently lacks.

Aesha narrated that the prophet neither admired nor liked anything from this life, except the righteous believer.



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Last modified: 06/26/06