Brief Introduction to Islam
Understanding Islam and Muslims
Presentation about Islam: Church Visit
Introduction to Islam by Br. Hamza
Revelation in Islam by Br. Hamza
Jesus: A Prophet in Islam by Br. Hamza
Women in Islam, A brief article
Can a woman in a hijab still get a taxi? asks Yvonne Ridley, The Observer, UK
Brotherhood vs. Nationalism
Description of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)
You Must Know This Man
Muhammad, No. 1
The non-Muslim Verdict on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
A Summary of Prophet Muhammad's Farewell Sermon
Islamic Declaration/Testimony (Ash'hadatein)
A'than and Iqama
Dying and Death (html)
Dying and Death (pdf)
Qibla Contours

Masjid (Mosque) Future Address
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